NYOMAN RUDANA – The Indonesian Senator for Bali


I was elected to The House of Regional Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia, or DPD – RI ( Dewan Perwakilan Daerah Republik Indonesia ) as it is called in Bahasa, by the people of Bali thru general election in 2004. Sworn as a DPD member on 1 October 2004, I’m fully in charge for the 2004 – 2009 period of service. Being a DPD member also makes me a member of   The People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR or Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat ) of  The Republic of Indonesia. I got tremendous supports from friends, colleagues,   Bali informal leaders, and grass root people who encouraged me to apply for this senator position representing Bali.

With Mr. Ginandjar Kartasasmita, Chairman of DPD-RI

My fellow  DPD members

DPD members





I am now one of the 128 Indonesian senators representing 32 provinces of Indonesia and one of the four senators representing Bali. This is the first period of DPD  in Indonesia, which was established based on the 3rd amended 1945 Constitution and  it is expected to strengthen the parliament’s system, which will enhance the democracy within the country.  All senators enlisted in one of the four Ad Hoc Committees or PAH ( Panitia Ad Hoc ) whose duties are to legislate, develop budget  and supervise. 

In my Office, DPD Bali, Room 302 

At the office

PAH I is responsible for autonomous regions, PAH II is responsible for managing the natural resources, PAH III is responsible for education and religion. PAH IV is responsible for the national budget and financial balance between central and local government, providing considered opinion on the result of any investigations of the state finances and selecting the members of the State Audit Board and Taxes. 

Women at DPD-RI





I’m incharge in PAH IV, and also incharge as a member of The Honorary Board, The Committee of Interdepartmental Cooperation

The Honorary Board’s duties are to uphold the Regulation of Order and the Ethical Code of the DPD RI. The Committee of Interdepartmental Cooperation has duties to counsel, to develop, and to strengthen a relationship in goodwill and cooperation between DPD RI and other state institution alike, both  bilaterally and multilaterally. The Group Member of DPD-RI  in MPR- RI. has duties are to coordinate the activity of DPD RI and to advance the ability of the DPD-RI to perform as a member of the MPR-RI.



Delivering speech at the General Assembly Meeting of DPD – RI, January 2008



paripurna Jan 08



Becoming a DPD – RI member  constitutionally enables me to serve my societies by representing their  aspirations more effectively. This can be conducted directly through live dialogs or seminars or indirectly, by consulting the regional authority ( PEMDA / DPRD ), which I do on  my working visits and without waiting for the parliament to be in recess. By doing this, I know directly, what the current issues of Bali are and how these problems can be solved by the higher authorities.

All those efforts are aimed to improve welfares of Balinese people through the realization of sufficient budget to upgrade the men power qualities, infrastructure building etc.  

One of the memorable events I could recall was the incident of the second Bali    Bombing on 1 October 2005. I took charge leading the team from the Senate to  visit the ground zero, accompanied the VIPs from Jakarta including Mr. Ginandjar Kartasasmita, the Chairman of DPD, General ( Ret ) Widodo AS, the coordinating Minister for Political, Law and Human Rights, General Sutanto,  Chief of Police etc and assisted  the local government raising the aids. 

At the commemoration of the 2st Bali Bomb Blast , October 2004, with The Bali Bomb Blast Memorial at the background.



As a senator, during the Plenary Session, after the 2nd Bali Bombing occurred, I represented Balinese people’s aspiration, pleading to the government to give full attention and support to Bali for the sake of  Bali recovery in general. Many activities later were being held in Bali until finally the Rp. 67 billions of recovery funds was released in  2006. 

Being a senator has also given me a chance to see many provinces and regions throughout  Indonesia in which I witness the greatness of my country as  represents in our motto, Unity in Diversity or Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, as written in a Sanskrit words. For this duty, I, as part of the PAH IV member, have the obligation to do controlling and  monitoring for the financial, infrastructure or development audits in order to be accountable, goal oriented and transparent.  

Visiting the local market during my visit to Jayapura, Papua, Oct 2006 Jayapura-market

We also develop collaborations within regions or provinces in terms of financial and accounting  reporting system to later on standardize the financial administration system, that  one integrated reporting system  can be implemented for the whole regions. This will of course will make the duties of The State Audit Board or BPK ( Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan ) as we call it more accountable and reliable. We are now facing this critical issue, as Indonesian government is aiming to be a clean government.    




One of DPD – RI  meeting

 DPD Meeting




 As a member of The Committee of Interdepartmental Cooperation.  , I get many chances to travel abroad and also met many head of states.  


Meeting President of Timor Leste, H.E. Xanana Gusmao, during his visit to DPD-RI, 2005

Xanana Gusmao




 Amongst of them were to meet the members of The Australian Senates from 21-28 May 2005 where I got a chance to meet Mr Alexander Downer, The Minister of Foreign Affairs. I attended The Senate Meeting on Budget Committee, a hearing in The Committee of Law and Constitution and attended a hearing in Committee on the Village Autonomy and Regional Governing matters. 


Meeting Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Alexander Downer, 2005

Alexander Downer




In September 2006, I visited the Parliament of The State of Queensland, Australia to meet both the legislative and executive members and discussed about the integrated IT system between related institutions to eradicate corruptions. 


For me, DPD is the right path  to harmonizing statesmanship with spirituality and art and I am committed to serving the common good while bringing art and creativity into statesmanship.  Also, being in charge in the first period of the DPD enables me to help setting a solid foundation for my successor, including strengthening the roles of DPD to balance DPR roles in the parliamentarian system. This is the most important agenda that we are working on it now.     

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