UN Climate Change Conference 3 – 14 Dec 2007 & International E- Parliament Hearing 14 – 18 Dec 2007


I attended UN Climate Change Conference on 9 – 11 December 2007 and also attended The side events held by UN World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO ) entitled Climate Change and Tourism, Responding to Global Challenges and another event held by World Future Council entitled Rewarding Renewables : World’s Best Measures to Contain CO2, on 11 December 2007.  Another meetings I attended were e-parliament Hearings, Renewable Energy Hearing on 15-16 December 2007 and Denocracy Hearing on 17-18 December 2007.

Prototype of the future car, with solar energy, to help saving the earth from global warming.

 11 December 2007 : 

I ( 2nd from right ) posed with the Governor of Bali Dewa Beratha ( center, brown shirt ), Chairman of Worldwide Mayor Assosiation,  Deputy  Minister of Environment , and delegation of UNFCCC Meeting at the  cultural dinner  at the governor place Jayasaba, Bali.


E – Parliament Hearing 15 – 18 December 2007 – Alila Ubud Hotel, Bali 


With Nicholas Dunlop, Secretary General of E –Parliament and my fellow DPD members, Mrs. Nyimas Ena, left and Mrs. Eka Komariah, right.

With other members of E – Parliament


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