I finally got back to school, enrolled myself  to a  Regional Government post grad study, in STIA LAN ( National Institute of Public Administration ) , starting March 2008. It is a school for government officers only, so it’s a privilege to be part of it, during my service as a DPD member.     

Meeting DR. Muhammad Taufiq, DEA,Vice Dean for Academic Affairs ; Director of STIA Lan, Prof. J Basuki; and DR. Agung Pramono, lecturer of Strategic Management, before the school began.

Staffs of STIA LAN 

This is my commitment to strengthen my role as a DPD member in order to perform better and to have broader understanding, academically speaking,  in regional government issues.

So far, I’ve had some good times and tough times, juggling my time between my duties as a DPD member and the excitement of becoming a student again ( with lots of assignments to complete !! ), but I take it easy and have fun with it.  

Took a break before class, with some of my classmates.


My HRD Management lecturer, Prof. Dr. Veithzal Rivai, who gives us lots of assignments. I presented him souvenirs from Museum Rudana before my case study pesentation, 27 March 2008.


My study group, the 6th group, who always support me in studying. Left to right : myself, Sri Saadah Soepono, Rita Siahaan, Sumawan.

Group 6

Taking a break after group discussion at meeting room of Park Royal Apartment, 20 March 2008.  It was a holiday, but studied anyway.


Prof. Veithzal Rivai, center, looks good in his army look jacket.

Prof. Veithzal Rivai in army look 

Again….. my classmates, let the picture speaks for itself…………

Wacky friends


  1. Hello,

    Working in “Sciences Po Bordeaux” (Institute of Political Sciences of Bordeaux France), I try to contact Mr Muhammad Taufiq, who is an alumni of this Institute : he realised his PhD in Bordeaux. I see that you know him, and I wonder if you would have an e-mail or an address at which I could write him ?

    Thank you in advance for your comprehension and for your cooperation.

    E. Nadal

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