Putu Supadma Rudana Promoted

THE SIRIT OF ART : JOGED –Painting Exhibition

at Museum Rudana,  26 April – 31 May 2008

Museum Rudana features an art activity with a theme called JOGED. JOGED is a form of community dance performed involving all people; the host, invitees, and all guests who happen to visit, to share happiness without formal introduction. In the dance, the form of communication is the universal language, friendliness, warmth, beauty ad sense of equality among those involved in the dance. Indeed, Museum Rudana’s art activities this year aim at involving people from all walks of life, Balinese and other people from different islands in Indonesia, expatriates and visiting tourists to share beauty and happiness through the arts.

We believe that all cultures in different places have a similar community dance as JOGED. The Balinese JOGED, a part from its potential to bridge people from different strata, has another great potential, that is  as a medium for international cultural diplomacy.

The Museum’s art activity with the theme JOGED, consists of a dance performance by the students of The Indonesian Arts Institute of Denpasar, drawing and painting competition with the theme of Balinese dance an a painting exhibition by Ida Bagus Indra, also with the theme of JOGED and Balinese sacred dances.    

JOGED also signifies our devotion to God, the absolute Creator of beauty to those who are blessed with the ability to express it for the benefit of brotherhood and humanity.


An art discussion was held at Museum Rudana featuring Mr. Jero Wacik, Minister of Cultural and Tourism of RI as the main speaker

Putu Rudana, The Conceptor and The Art Promoter of JOGED escorted Mr. Jero Wacik to appreciate the JOGED paintings by Ida Bagus Indra

Ida Bagus Indra, the painter ( left ) and I posed together with fellow art lovers.




Putu Rudana – JOGED

Followed by me…




Group photo at Dewi Sinta Restaurant – Tanah Lot, with the restaurant’s owner / manager of Tanah Lot in my left side and his son ( in my right side ). A lasting memory for all……….. 


















One Response to “THE SPIRIT OF ART : JOGED, 26 APRIL – 31 MAY 2008”

  1. I specifically uploaded this Garuda painting not without a reason. For this is the most powerful painting of Ida Bagus Indra ( IBI ) in my opinion. Powerful, charismatic, with sexy but powerful movements of the dancer, made this painting special. The suitable buyer will be someone who identifies him / herself with power. Someone who thinks himself is the center of power and attention, just like pak Rudana. Buat someone who’s weak and lack of confidence, this painting has a magical power to boost his /her confidence. I always turn into this page whenever I feel down and get energized by it.

    In decorative field, this is one good centerpiece for a director’s office. A working space with cozy black leather sofas, simple and sleek design, modern and industrial style, with monochromatic colors of black gray white tones, with white – painted walls, and this vibrant red color painting hung in the wall above the black leather sofa will surely catch the eyes.

    This is one collectible item that not only perfect for investment but energize your soul as well. And don’t forget to place it as a centerpiece item.

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