Senator Nyoman Rudana Visited Afforestation Project In Central Kalimantan 31 May 2008


I joined my fellow DPD member Hamdhani from Central Kalimantan,  flew to Central Kalimantan to visit an afforestation program of Korindo, a South Korea group of companies.

I, Hamdhani and Minister of Forestry MS. Kaban

Afforestation or tree planting has been consistently pursued by Korindo to develop timber business, preserve the tropical forest cover and protect global environment. Their activities in timber plantations are based on the philosophy of placing a great emphasis on enviromental proctection, human resources development and responsibility in and around forest areas.

This event was attended by The Indonesian Minister of Forestry Mr. M.S. Kaban and South Korea Minister of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Mr. Chung Un-chun.

The South Korea Minister of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on my right side.













I, along with the Ministers and Mr. Hamdhani, did a tree planting, as a symbol to our commitment to preserve the earth from the effect of global warming, where we all know that forest plays a major role for carbon sequestration to avoid global warming. For myself, preserving the nature is inline with Balinese philosophy Trihita Karana, which is harmonizing the relationship between God and human beings, human beings with their fellowmen, and human beings with their environment.




 The ceremony of the afforestation project 









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