Rudana by Indra-2

 Rudana –Look up the Sky by Indra Leonardi

I was born on in 17 September 1948 in a small village of  Gelogor , Lodtunduh, in Ubud, Bali. I’m the 3rd of seven siblings, and has four brothers and two sisters. My father was a farmer and also a member of the Balinese Gamelan group. Mother was a devoted Hindu  making all sorts of offering ( called Banten ) to their Gods.   

 My father, taken in 2003. he passed away in 2005 at the age of 100. 


 With my wife, Ni Wayan Olasthini 

 Rudana & wife in Balinese Costume

  I finished high school in Denpasar in 1968. Realizing that my parents could not support me to pursue my dream to university, I decided to take  a Teacher College in 1969-1970 in Madiun city, East Java after failed in the Military Academy entrance test in Lembang West Java. Then I   came back to Bali in 1970 as an apprentice math teacher in a  Junior High School for a year with very low wages. To make ends meet I took free lance job as a local guide up to 1973. 









  aniheartcolorsc.gif  I got married in 1973, a year later, my first son, Putu Supadma Rudana was born, followed by   Ari Putra Rudana ( born in 1976), and two daughters,  Komang Kristina Rudana  and Ketut Friska Lavrina  Rudana. Except Ari, who decided to pursue his study in Bali, all my children pursued their graduate and post graduate studies overseas, in Australia and USA. This is a dream come true for me to be able to provide the best educations in international environment and nurturing their talents as well.



My wife Ni Wayan Olasthini and my pride and joy, Ari Rudana ( left  ) and Putu Supadma Rudana  

 Rudana,wife & Sons

I, youngest daughter Ketut Friska, Komang Kristina and wife Ni Wayan Olasthini at Komang’s graduation day from University of Wollongong, Australia, December 20006



 Komang Graduation



 As a Balinese, who have a motto of Tat Wam Asi,  You are Me and I am You, I believe that everybody in the world is of one principle brotherhood. We are related. Humans, plants and animals, we are share the same elements.

 My youngest daughter Friska Rudana




 Rudana & wifeRudana & wifeRudana & wifeRudana & kristina in Balinese Costumes

My extended family, with Mr. Made Mangku Pastika, Chief of National Board of Narcotics, at the inauguration of Modern Indonesian Masters exhibition, 16 August 2007 in Museum Rudana.  

  I still have passion for dancing………………..


 I and my wife prayed at Mother Temple of Besakih during Eka Dasa Ludra ceremony, April 06


  Working, at my cozy Senayan Residence apartment in Jakarta – April 2008   










































































































































Morning contemplation at home




Thanks for visiting












































































































Thanks for visiting






















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































I still have passion for dancing………………..







































































































































































































































































































































































































































Thanks for visiting

























































































I still have passion for dancing………………..
















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































6 Responses to “About NYOMAN RUDANA”

  1. Okie Irawan Says:

    putrinya bpk cantik2 ya…boleh ya dikenalin ke saya…kan saya juga bellum menikah pak, tp btw anaknya bpk mw ga ya sama saya

  2. Genius Umar Says:

    Salam senator Nyoman Rudana.kita sukses sama-sama di Auckland
    sabtu ini balik ke Jkt.c u

  3. kadek suryani Says:

    Yang terhormat Bapak Nyoman Rudana,

    Saya mau minta tolong bisa nggak nyariin tanggal dan bulan eka dasa ludra pada tahun 1979 di Pura Besakih. Kapan mulainya dan berakhir.

    Karena itu sangat penting buat saya untuk tahu tanggal dan bulan kelahiran saya. kata Ibu, saya dulu lahir pada saat eka dasa ludra 1979 pas hari Senin.

    Terima kasih banyak sebelumnya. Kadek

  4. senang bisa saya melihat blog bapak..saya sebagai generasi muda juga sangat senang dengan adanya kemajuan tehnologi.
    apakah kita bisa link back pak?
    sebelumnya terima kasih

  5. Pak….bagaimana kabar anaknya FRISKA????
    Kuliah dimana sekarang???/

  6. Salam kenal pak!

    Kebetulan saya sedang menempuh pendidikan di almamater bapak, pejompongan, dan saya kagum dengan semangat yang bapak miliki, masih menyempatkan diri memanfaatkan IT sebagai media komunikasi (ilmu tidak mengenal usia). Saya tidak kenal bapak dan dari sisi etnis saya sangat jauh berbeda, tapi dari tulisan bapak seolah-olah kita sudah lama kenal.

    Salam hormat,

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