RUDANA after the 2008 Birthday



I got a surprise visit of my wife, daughters ( standing next to me ) and daughter in law ( sitting –front right ) and her children in  my birthday, 17 September 2008. ( Please search on the web to find my age, in case you are curious ). I was stucked in Jakarta due to my work so my family visited me. It was a memorable birthday and we celebrated it by taking pictures together. I’m so blessed to have such a, loving and supporting family. May God blessed me with health for many years to come, for I don’t want to counting my age and consider that I’m always young….. at heart.



5 Responses to “RUDANA after the 2008 Birthday”

  1. Dear Bapak,

    I’m very sorry for not being able to write this birthday note on time, for I was abroad and didn’t have time to surf the web. But as I got inspired to upload this wonderful family picture f yours, I want to be the first to write a bday note, especially since you turned……. alright, alright, I won’t tell anybody, unless they search the web. May God bless you with perfect health, as I know that you always have lots of energy all day long.

    Keep on studying hard, as you want to earn your master degree in straight ‘A’s. You are the role model for all your classmates and you are an endless inspiration for me.

    For us, you are a little candle that always flickers…. In our hearts.

    Happy Birthday pak Rudana !!!

  2. Wayan Sukade Says:

    Om Suwastiastu

    Selamat ultah bapak,semoga sehat2,murah rejeki dan panjang umur.
    serta slalu dapat mengabdi keada Nusa Bangsa,dan seluruhkehidupan,
    sehingga harmonis,kehdupan merupakan keharmonisan,manusia dgn Tuhan Nya,Manusia sesamanya,Manusia dengan halam lingkungannya

    Om santhi,Santhi,santhi,Om

    W Sukade

  3. Gde Suyadnyana Says:


    Selamat Ultah Pak Nyaman Rudana
    semoga sehat-sehat dan panjang umur,sampai jumpa di Bali



  4. Genius Umar Says:

    That was a nice delegation Of DPD RI To New Z and UK bersama BAPAK Nyoman Rudana.Selamat Ulang Tahun,semoga sehat dan panjang umur
    Jadwal team ke Bali
    Was Genius

  5. Terima kasi Gde,atas doa nya,kalau ke jkt colling ya

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