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3 February 2008

Hamad Khalaf Exhibition in Bali. He’s a Kuwaitian artist resides in Bali. 

Rudana & Khalaf artworks


I and Hamad Khalaf , the artist

 Hamad Khalaf


 29 December 2007 :

Pengosekan Art Appreciation – Bali 

I stroke my brush to paint a sun and later on finished it with sea ( water ) followed by fellow artists

  Apresiasi Seni Pengosekan-1

I was interviewed by Bali TV during the event.

Interviewed by Bali TV

  27 August 2007 :

The Inauguration of The 8th Annual Indian Artists Network Painting exhibition, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta 

I received a flower from the  Ambassador of India, H.E. Mrs. Navrekha Sharma while Mr. Ajit Vahadane, the organizer was watching. 

With The ambassador-Indian Artists Exhibition, 27 August 2007 

earthI was honored to be given a chance to light up candles as the symbol of peace and brotherhood between Indonesia and India, during the inauguration.

Light u candles - Indian Artists Exhibition, 2007

ART2006 : Bali Art Festival  

I posed with Mr. Jero Wacik, Indonesian Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mrs. Meutia Hatta, Minister of Women Empowerment and Mrs. Dr. Siti Fadilah Supari, Minister of Health

 BAli Art Festival 2006