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In 1974 I developed The Rudana Painter Community at Sanur beach area to help my fellow local artists in selling their products. I was still working as an employee in Hyatt Hotel in Sanur at that time.  From there, my business as an art dealer was growing and those are the years where Made Wianta, Nyoman Gunarsa, who are considered Indonesian masters in painting nowadays began their careers as artists. 

aniheartcolorsc.gif In 1978, in order to expand my business, I established Rudana Fine Art Gallery in Ubud in a 900 square meters land with a mission of making Balinese arts more widely known to visitors. It was also aimed to encourage local artists developing their individual styles and grew the local art industries as well.   For my continuous work promoting Indonesian arts, The Artists Association of Indonesia (Sanggar Dewata Indonesia) presented me with Lempad Prize in 1985.  




 Rudana Fine Art Gallery


Rudana Fine Art Gallery

Witnessing that so many of Balinese and Indonesian artistic heritage were being taken overseas, I  determined to establish  Museum Rudana in Peliatan village, Ubud,  in a 2,500 square meters of land, in Rudana Art Compound, at the same area of Rudana Fine Art Gallery . It’s cornerstone was laid on 22 December 1990 with a serial of Balinese ceremony. The museum, who officially opened in 1995, was a dream came true for me as my obsession to preserve Indonesian valuable arts and show them to many generations to come. Through Museum Rudana, I welcomed many world leaders and notable persons from Indonesia and abroad.




Rudana Art Museum

On  14 December 1994, I received The Upakarti Award  from  President Soeharto as an appreciation for my continuous action in preserving Indonesian arts and my contribution in the development of  small scale industries in Bali. 


Upakarti Award 1994


In 1995, I also founded The Rudana Art Foundation to help develop and promote art in Indonesia by sponsoring gifted  children in studying art, performance and music.  I also built Genta Fine Art Gallery close to  Museum Rudana and Rudana Fine Art Gallery in 1998  to display Balinese arts to the public and invite younger art lovers to appreciate modern arts.  It also allows visitors to observe artists working on their individual pieces of art.

AWARDTo express  gratitude to the  fellow artists that so far have worked side by side with me,  I  established Ksatria Seni Award in year 2000, given every four year to individuals or organizations for their dedication to their working in arts and cultures.


 In November 2000,  a few months after exhibition held by Museum Rudana in Rome, Italy, I received L’albero dell’umanita Award ( The Tree of Humanity Award ) the Government of Italy as an appreciation for me promoting arts and brotherhood to the world.

I, my wife and youngest daughter Friska, with The Tree of Humanity Award.

 The Tree of Humanity Award

I also received a medal from the Italian Government besides the Award.

 Received Medal from Italy Government

Continuing my passion in art, I spend my spare time visiting many art exhibitions both in Jakarta, Bali and overseas while maintaining my relationship with fellow artists. 




With Srihadi Soedarsono, Indonesian maestro in painting