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THE 3RD KSATRIA SENI AWARD 2008 -18 October 2008


Putu Supadma Rudana, MBA, conceptor of the 3rd Ksatria Seni Award 2008


The philosophy behind the anniversary was based on the number of 8 that symbolized infinity. To Museum Rudana, the number represents partnership in the eternal quest for perfection in art creation and the transfer of energy through the works of art with purpose beyond the visual values. The anniversary epitomized the rebirth of Museum Rudana’s vision to relentlessly seek, preserve and develop culture for mankind in peace.

Museum Rudana prepared for the big occasion.





 The idea of honoring the three maestros was conceived by Nyoman Rudana, founder of Museum Rudana in Ubud, Bali. The delicate process required intense observation, analysis by international  ( Bali based ) art curators and delicate consideration from the Museum. This event marks the commitment of Museum Rudana in its role to promote the art of Indonesia, especially of Bali and to channel this tremendous creativity of our fine and well established artists to art scenes around the globe


The trophy of the 3rd Ksatria Seni Award



The 3rd Ksatria Seni Award 2008 is redesigned by Komang Kristina Rudana, BDes daughter of Nyoman Rudana himself, and  and Alvin Palar from Runa Jewelry. It was redesigned from the original  the 2nd Ksatria Seni Award 2004 created by Sylvius, a French artist, in the form of a silver arrow with inlay of gold and yellow sapphire symbolizing the dazzling streak of light flashing thorugh the air.


Komang Kristina Rudana


Komang Kristina Rudana and family ( back –left to right : Chandra Dewi( Putu’s wife ), Komang Kristina Rudana , Mrs. Rudana, front : Helena ( Ari’s wife ), Friska Rudana ).


In the both oriental and occidental legends, fables and literary works, arrows signified victory of the good over the bad or love and passion over hatred. The proof of Rama’s eternal devotion to his wife Sinta in Ramayana epic or Cupido’s arrow  of love shooting into heart in western mythology, as well as Kahlil Gibran’s freedom in the Prophet would show best the passion of humanity and the liberation of creativity which constantly appearing in our artists’ works during the decades of their creative life. 

The name Ksatria is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning knight or, in linguistic sense, a quality of gallantry or nobleness.

Therefore, the award presentation could be seen as noblelizing our Knights of The Art, recognizing special individuals who have devoted their minds, passion, soul and life to conceive, develop and envision their culture within this vast area of humanity.



I received privilige from Putu Supadma Rudana, MBA to present the 3rd Ksatria Seni Award trophy to the winners


Left to right  The Regent of Gianyar Cokorda Artha Ardhana Sukawati, Mrs Farida Srihadi ( one of the 3rd  Ksatria Seni Award jury ),  Putu Supadma Rudana, MBA, Jero Wacik, Miss Indonesia 2008, Joop Ave, Nyoman Rudana, Indra Rukmana and brother of Dewa Beratha.


I presented the 3rd Ksatria Seni Award trophy to Mr. Jero Wacik, Minister of Cultural and Tourism of Indonesia.


Joop Ave is an Indonesia tourism, art and cultural figure that has been through many endeavors of cultural diplomacy and promotion abroad. His expertise in cross cultural diplomacy has taken Indonesia to a higher level so that the pocket areas of tourism in Bali and beyond become the magnet of the tourism. In the meantime, his integrity in state protocol has axed beaurocracy in order to smooth the access nationwide. Joop Ave is now active in publishing artworks and cultural books of Indonesia and creative economics. He is appropriate to be entitled as The Father of Indonesia Tourism.

I presented the 3rd Ksatria Seni Award trophy to Mr. Joop Ave.


Joop Ave is an Indonesia tourism, art and cultural figure that has been through many endeavors of cultural diplomacy and promotion abroad. His expertise in cross cultural diplomacy has taken Indonesia to a higher level so that the pocket areas of tourism in Bali and beyond become the magnet of the tourism. In the meantime, his integrity in state protocol has axed beaurocracy in order to smooth the access nationwide. Joop Ave is now active in publishing artworks and cultural books of Indonesia and creative economics. He is appropriate to be entitled as The Father of Indonesia Tourism

Joop Ave and Rudana family




Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana



I presented the 3rd Ksatria Seni Award trophy to Mr.Indra Rukmana, the husband of Mrs. Siti Hardiyanti Rukmana


Mbak Tutut, as she usually called, has made her mark in the art field by developing Indonesia art and culture through her foundations. As a reliable art patron such as KIDI ( Indonesian Art and Craft in Interior ), where she was honored a title of The Mother of Indonesia Craftmen, by The Indonesian Society of Craftmen. Mbak Tutut has launched programs of art and craft development through her foundations that has encourage the creative economy in Indonesia.


Dewa Beratha, former Governor of Bali year 2000 – 2008

I presented the 3rd Ksatria Seni Award trophy to Mr. Dewa Beratha’s brother.


In his years as the Governor of Bali,   Made Beratha was very enthusiastic in providing access to the artists to enhance their creativity. With his pro art, cultural and tourism policies, Bali succeeded in becoming the best tourism destination for several times up to this moment and rewarded many international awards. His enormous effort to lead and develop Bali from the economic disasters as the impact of terrorism activities of the 1st and 2nd Bali Bomb blasts has succeeded put Bali back to its honorable position.  





























Museum Rudana Participated in The INDONESIA CULTURAL PRODUCTS WEEK 2008

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Pekan Produk Budaya Indonesia ( PPBI ) was held at the Jakarta Convention Center on 4 – 8 June 2008 and was officially inaugurated on 4 June 2008 by President SBY.

 It’s theme entitled The Heritage of the Nation’s Culture is the Inspiration of the Rise of Indonesia’s Creative Economy.  Many activities including exhibitions and selling of Indonesian crafts and batik, painting auction, conventions and cultural performing arts were held during the events.  Museum Rudana participated  in the auction with ten paintings from famous artists such as Nyoman Gunarsa, Krijono, Srihadi soedarsono ( lithographs ), Ida Bagus Indra etc.  

I acted as an auctioneer at the painting exhibition hall.











With my sons Putu and Ari























 I,  daughter Komang and Dayak ( Kalimantan ) dancers


























































































































































Putu Supadma Rudana, MBA Promoted the Exhibition of Modern Indonesian Masters and Photography Exhibition entitled KEDAMAIAN- 2006


12th Anniversary of Museum Rudana: 

16 August – 1 January 2008 :Painting Exhibition entitled MODERN INDONESIAN MASTERS,Concepted, promoted and organized by Putu Supadma Rudana, MBA. 


Featuring eight Indonesian masters and master in waiting :Srihadi Soedarsono, Sunaryo Sutono, Nyoman Gunarsa, Made Wianta, Nyoman Erawan, Made Djirna, Made Budhiana, Wayan Darmika.

Special Invitation was addressed to Mrs. Hillary Clinton, my most admirable senator.







16 – 31 August 2007: Photography Exhibition entitled KEDAMAIAN. 

In Retrospect: Kedamaian: An Interconnection of Piece, Love and Compassion

By Muhammad Bundhowi

“Kedamaian”; refers in Sanskrit to the state of the soul. (Harmony with the self, nature and the environment) It is realized in this reference both intrinsically and extrinsically.

“Kedamaian” is a project involving three contemporary artist from three different countries; Sandra Phillips (Canadian) artist/performer/educator, Mohammed Bundhowi (Indonesian) artist/CCU trainer/lecturer and Anna Niblic Heggie ( Australia ) – artists / educator.



The project involves a mutual symbiosis of the three artists whose artistic lives and work interconnect through technology and the transcendental. Via consistent communication the three artists set up a mutual dialogue and exchange in which they discuss philosophical ideas, world news and art practices. The exhibition at Museum Rudana in Ubud, Bali , was an exciting culmination of exchanges, dialogues, ideas and references, for the three artists. Working alone, separately, in their own countries, far from each other geographically yet utilizing a vibrant exchange of ideas transmitted online and through other forms of communication, they achieved a powerful and stimulating work which was seen as an interconnected outreach to touch the soul; ‘Kedamaian”. The work was well received in Canada and Phillips and Heggie were invite to give a lecture at Guelph University and do a workshop at Cambridge Library Gallery , Ontario . They were filmed in an interview for Guelph Television and also gave a radio interview with Canada CBC Radio Francaise.



 Australian artist, Anna Niblic Heggie first met Indonesian Mohammed Bundhowi several years ago when he did an artist in residence and teaching exchange in Australian. He has since been invited back to Australia on several occasions to lecture in University in Western Australia and Canberra .


 Gently Gently by Anna Niblic Heggie ( Australia )





Mohammed Bundhowi uses his photography to bring awareness to our sense of being. Photography ancient Cambodian, Indonesian and other important sites as appoint of reference, he creates images of beauty and strength with a profound and urgent vision. Bundhowi who is Javanese lives with his Vietnamese/Canadian wife and the Bali bombings occurred close to their home in Bali . He brings to the threesome an insight of heart felt compassion and the very real desire for peace.

Panoramic Peace by Muh. Bundhowi

 Anna met Sandra Phillips also in Indonesia in 2002. They met during the week before the Bali bombing when Anna had an exhibition and cultural exchange with the Pengosekan Community of Artists in Ubud. For many years Sandra Phillips has traveled back and forth to Java for intensive study and inspiration now returning as an accomplished Javanese Gamelan sindhen; (gamelan singer) a rare talent. She is deeply inspired by “filsafat jawa” (Javanese philosophy, and its profound understanding of meditation, balancing and harmonizing of earth and body energies ).



Sandra was a principle events co-ordinator for 2000 Bilateral Canadian / Indonesian Celebration in Toronto and continues to run and participate in many intercultural activities. She brings to the group a strong theater presence and a mutual desire for the interconnection of love. Sandra utilizes the power of her storey telling and the “screen” which is Wayang Kulit Shadow Puppet Theatre, to create a bridge between the ancient and contemporary. The “screen” becomes a playful paradox on the world “television” as tell a vision



 By Sandra Phillips ( Canada )

 Anna Niblic Heggie is an Australian artist of Polish immigration parentage. Her background has made her appreciative of being an Australian. At the same time her ideology has been formed and heightened through stories of her parent’s adaptation to a new country and the effects of war on the old one. An insight into the devastation of war and a strong desire for world peace has led to a stronger sense of commitment to the arts where she sees the potential through creative interconnection to reach an audience on many levels. Her recent work involves digitally manipulated media in which she cross references ideas, words and images to create new works of meaning and symbolism




The connection between the three artists has established an ongoing and strong dialogue in which many contemporary global topics are discussed. The artists hope that the positive and dynamic energies of the group will be transmitted through the exhibition and workshops to harmonies and facilitate others in recognizing the state of their souls, “Kedamaian”.















































































































  I welcomed the guests at the opening of the exhibition. 


Mr. Made Mangku Pastika, the Chief of The National Board of Narcotics who’s an avid art collector, opened the exhibition.


I guided Mr. Pastika and Mr. Jero Karang to the exhibition as Mr. Nyoman Gunarsa, the painter ( in white batik ) accompanied me showing his paintings to the invited guests.  



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Putu Supadma Rudana Promoted

THE SIRIT OF ART : JOGED –Painting Exhibition

at Museum Rudana,  26 April – 31 May 2008

Museum Rudana features an art activity with a theme called JOGED. JOGED is a form of community dance performed involving all people; the host, invitees, and all guests who happen to visit, to share happiness without formal introduction. In the dance, the form of communication is the universal language, friendliness, warmth, beauty ad sense of equality among those involved in the dance. Indeed, Museum Rudana’s art activities this year aim at involving people from all walks of life, Balinese and other people from different islands in Indonesia, expatriates and visiting tourists to share beauty and happiness through the arts.

We believe that all cultures in different places have a similar community dance as JOGED. The Balinese JOGED, a part from its potential to bridge people from different strata, has another great potential, that is  as a medium for international cultural diplomacy.

The Museum’s art activity with the theme JOGED, consists of a dance performance by the students of The Indonesian Arts Institute of Denpasar, drawing and painting competition with the theme of Balinese dance an a painting exhibition by Ida Bagus Indra, also with the theme of JOGED and Balinese sacred dances.    

JOGED also signifies our devotion to God, the absolute Creator of beauty to those who are blessed with the ability to express it for the benefit of brotherhood and humanity.


An art discussion was held at Museum Rudana featuring Mr. Jero Wacik, Minister of Cultural and Tourism of RI as the main speaker

Putu Rudana, The Conceptor and The Art Promoter of JOGED escorted Mr. Jero Wacik to appreciate the JOGED paintings by Ida Bagus Indra

Ida Bagus Indra, the painter ( left ) and I posed together with fellow art lovers.




Putu Rudana – JOGED

Followed by me…




Group photo at Dewi Sinta Restaurant – Tanah Lot, with the restaurant’s owner / manager of Tanah Lot in my left side and his son ( in my right side ). A lasting memory for all………..