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Museum Rudana was built under my idealism  as the founder  who consider that art is universal, therefore, it  contributes to the harmonious process between men and God ( parahyangan ), men and their fellow human beings ( pawongan ), and men with nature ( palemahan ) , reflected in the Balinese  philosophy of Tri Hita Karana, which art has a great contribution in spreading world peace, prosperity and brotherhood amongst mankind. Humanism concept of Rudana Art Museum, there is for the benefit of human beings, is my main philosophy in collecting paintings and other art objects that are now can be enjoyed at the museum.  

 Museum Rudana

Its blessing ceremony  was held on 11 August 1995 as part of the commemoration of the 50th Indonesian Independence  with its Golden Indonesian Spirit. President  Soeharto officially opened it on 26 December 1995. 

Soeharto Signed

RAM Plague

aniheartcolorsc.gifAntonio Blanco, famous Spanish artist lived in Bali, showed up to congratulate me at the inauguration of Museum Rudana. Here I introduced him to President Soeharto.


Blanco Suharto 

I, my wife and kids took a picture with President and madam Soeharto, after the inauguration of Museum Rudana. 


Family at RAM opening


Construction and Architecture 

The 500 square meters building of  Museum  Rudana was built  in a 2.5 acres of land and its cornerstone was laid on 22 December 1990. 

Construction of RAM



 RAM Construction





I put offerings at the hole dug for the cornerstone




 Offerings at the cornerstone


Traditional Balinese ceremony held for cornerstone of Museum Rudana.


RAM Cornerstone

 blue_eyes.gifI am the conceptor of the building, which is three storey building holding Balinese architecture and philosophy. Tri Angga, naming the three parts of a human body: the head, trunk, and legs; Tri Manggala, the division of a compound into 3 sections : the inner, middle, and outer sections; Tri Loka, the concept of the universe which is devided into bur, bwah, swah : the worlds beneath, intermediate and above. These philosophical concepts, connected with the fine art development of Bali, are reflected in the regeneration of artists from the past to the present time, a continuation on which is comparable to a link of sustainable golden thread. The outer walls of the museum reflect the national flag of Indonesia, red, from the red bricks and white from sandstones. 


The sign board of Museum Rudana and Rudana Fine Art Gallery


Sign Board of RAM


The main gate of Museum Rudana




Rudana & Wife at Main Gate




Exhibition Halls of Museum Rudana

 Inside Museum Rudana



Museum Rudana is located in Peliatan village, in Ubud, Gianyar region, Bali, about 16 km from Denpasar, the capital city of Bali,  in the Museum Rudana compound. It is intentionally located close to Rudana Fine Art Gallery and my own house, with the objective of making the area of live and developing a  suitable place  for artists. 


 RAM sitemap




It’s logo represents Rama, the knight from the story of Hinduism Ramayana, in his love to his wife Sinta, is represented with his arrow in his eternal love to all human beings as they are children of the mother earth, loving the unity of peace and prosperity, based on tolerance of Hinduism philosophy of Tat Wam Asi ( You are me and I am you ) and the liberation of the secular Moksa Tam Jagat Dhitam. This logo is very similar to Rudana Fine Art Gallery‘s, which can be symbolized that these two are united and can  not be separated. ”Museum Rudana” is the soul while Rudana Fine Art Gallery is considered as the body. Together they present the richness of Balinese and Indonesian arts to the world. 


Management and Curators 

Museum Rudana is managed under Grup Rudana and Putra ( GRP ) Art Incorporated, a subsidiary of  GRP holding company that currently has four divisions. Putu Supadma Rudana,MBA, my oldest son is acting as the CEO and Director of the GRP while I am acting as the Commissioner. Museum Rudana are curated by  myself, my son  Putu Supadma Rudana,MBA,Mrs. Farida Srihadi, and Jean Couteau. 


Museum Rudana exhibits more  than 400 pieces of the work of fine art and sculpture of various Indonesian artists. The arrangement of paintings represents a harmony of style which inline with the phylosophycal concept of the building indicated earlier. On the first and second floor, the works of modern Indonesian artists are displayed, such as those of Affandi, Basuki Abdullah,all have been deceased, Srihadi Soedarsono, Nyoman Gunarsa, Made Wianta etc. The works of post modern Indonesian artists such as Nyoman Erawan and Made Budhiana which mostly depict abstracts in their works are also presented.  On the third floor, various traditional work of traditional Balinese masters from Ubud and Batuan uch as those of the late I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, I Gusti Ketut Kobot, and many others are exhibited. The museum also exhibits the works of prominent foreign artists reside in Bali such as the late Don Antonio Blanco ( Spain ), Yuri Gorbachev ( Russia ), Jafar Islah ( Kuwait ) and Iyama Tadayuki ( Japan ). See slideshows for details.

A picture of me as painted by Srihadi Soedarsono, one of the Indonesian master.


Rudana by Srihadi  

I and my wife cut the tip of ‘nasi tumpeng’ during the 12th anniversary of Museum Rudana, 26 December 2007 

Cutting the tumpeng 


jl. Cok Rai Pudak 44, Peliatan, Ubud, Bali 80571. Phone : 62 – 361 – 975779, Fax :  62- 361 – 975 091. Email : info@museumrudana.com  



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  1. Pak Nyoman Rudana,”Merry christmas and Happy new year 2008″ God whith you. Save Our Bhumi, from the global waming.

  2. Museum Rudana,bgus konsef kerja keras dan pengabdian

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