Exhibitions Held by MUSEUM RUDANA 2001 – 2005

Museum Rudana held Painting Exhibition every year for these following years :


21 April– 8 May 2001 : The Chalengers Exhibition

Artist : Ottorino Mancioli

Venue : Museum Rudana


4 – 31 Agt 2001  : Human Spirit Exhibition

Artists :  Van Wieringen, Balinese Artists

Venue : Museum Rudana


May 2002 : Fine Arts from Bali, Indonesia

Artists : Rudana Fine Art Gallery’s Collections

Venue : Vetralla Culture Town Hall   and Aquilani Brothers Company, Rome, Italy

Related to this exhibition, in November 2000, I was awarded L’albero dell’umanita Award ( The Tree of Humanity Award ) from Italian government.


30 September . – 13 October 2002 :

 Indonesian – Japan Exchange Exhibition 2002

Artists : Eiji Sawada, Yasuko Kita, Takako Maeda, Taeko Ogawa, Shigemi Sakakiraba, Maria Tjui, Ida Bagus Alit, Djaja Tjandra Kirana, Dandung B. Kahono, Agnes Yulinawati, Reni Anggraeni, Iriantine Karnaya

Venue : Museum Rudana


9 – 31 Agt 2002 : Pengider Buana

Artists : Lectures of Faculty of the Fine Arts Program Indonesian Institute of Art Denpasar, Bali.

Venue : Museum Rudana


13 April – 12 May 2003 : Group of Eleven SDI Exhibition

Artists : Wayan Sunadi, Nyoman Sukari, Made Wiradana, Ketut Tenang, Teguh Ritme

 Iman, IB Krishna Santhi Baskara, Made Sumadiyasa, Pande Ketut Taman, Putu Sutawijaya, Dewa Kompyang, Made Mahendra Mangku

Venue : Museum Rudana


8 Agt 2004 -1Okt 2004 : 8 th Anniversary of Museum Rudana

Artists : Srihadi Soedarsono, Nyoman Gunarsa, Made Wianta, Kumari Nahappan

Venue : Museum Rudana


15 Jan – 5 Peb 2005 : Rediscovering Indonesia

Artist : Agostino de Romanis

Venue : Museum Rudana



20 August – 1 October 2005 : A Decade of Museum Rudana

Artists : Srihadi Soedarsono, Sunaryo Sutono, Nyoman Gunarsa, Made Wianta

Venue : Museum Rudana

Legong Keraton – The Energy of Love, Srihadi Soedarsono, 2004



2 Responses to “Exhibitions Held by MUSEUM RUDANA 2001 – 2005”

  1. I love the paintings.
    The museum has my name and I was born on October 2. I have 42 years. I am plastic artist. Showed my paintings in Rio de Janeiro and in galleries SP – Brazil.
    Beautiful! Loved. They have strength, finesse and movement.

  2. Dear Sibyla
    Thank you for your comment,Iwill see your art work,via the web.
    I do hope you visit Bali

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