SaturnI built Museum Rudana to treasure Indonesian art heritages to be shown to public for many generations to come. This museum has been visited by many people from around the world from ordinary people to VVIPs. 


butterfly2The young generations are our assets and they should be introduced to art from early age so they can appreciate the beauty of art and enhance their creativity as well. The kids from Mas Elementary School of Gianyar- Bali and their teachers were invited to visit Museum Rudana, October 2007.


SD Mas  

Kids & Art

 16 December 2007:

My fellow parliamentarians, members of e – parliament visited Museum Rudana after the e – parliament Hearings sessions.   


1 September 2007aniheartcolorsc.gif

I and my wife welcomed Presidential Spokespersons Mr. Andi Malarangeng ( 3rd from left ) and Mr. Dino Patti Jalal (far left) who were accompanied by the Chief of Presidential Household Mr Ahmad Rusdi ( far right ) at Museum Rudana on 1 September 2007. They came to visit Museum Rudana in their sparetime while accompanying President SBY who was in Bali  that weekend. 


President SBY’s spokepersons

August 2006 :Mr Abdullah Qabassar, the architect of Royal Palace of Kuwait, visited Museum Rudana during the The Heroes of Art Painting Exhibition at Museum Rudana. 


20 December 2005 :

Mrs. Siti Hardiyanto Rukmana, the 1st daughter of the late President Soeharto, and her husband Mr. Indra Rukmana visited Museum Rudana.

2005 : Delegations from National People’s Congress of PR of China visited Museum Rudana. 

China parliamentarian

Year 2002 :

Mrs Mahathir Mohammad visited Museum Rudana


Mrs. Mahathir

Year 2000 : Jimmy Carter and wife Rosaline visited Museum Rudana during his visitation to Indonesia for monitoring general election.




 Year 2000 : President of Hungary visited Museum Rudana.

President Hungary

 1995 : A formal visitation of President of PR of China Jiang Ze Min.  Jiang Zemin

sign my guess book





December 2003 : Mrs. Mahathir Muhammad visited Museum Rudana.





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