3 July 2008

My Research of Operation lecture from STIA LAN, Mr. Anwar Sanusi,PhD ( standing next to me ) and his colleague visited Museum  Rudana in his leasure time  during his work in Bali and I escorted them around the museum and gallery.

19 April 2008

Post Grad Students and lecturers of STIA LAN-RI Jakarta, visited Museum Rudana as part of their study visit to Bali.


I invited Director, lecturers and my classmates at STIA LAN graduate school to visit Museum Rudana during our study visit to Bali, 17 – 20 April 2008 to get to know more about Bali and its culture, and more important, to bring Museum Rudana up close and personal to them.

Mr. Sukadarto and Mr. Muh Taufiq, lecturers of STIA LAN Jakarta, gazed at Sunaryo’s painting

I escorted Prof.  Johannes Basuki ( on my right ) for a tour around the Museum 


6 February 2008

Welcoming Mr. ABDLATIF  Y.  AL HAMAD  from Kuwait and Madam, at Museum Rudana, during their visit to Bali from 31 January – 7 February 2008.


Mr. Al Hamad,  who is The Chairman of the Board of Directors Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development and I have been friends since 1995 and he’s also an art lover and he appreciated modern Indonesian art shown at Museum Rudana.


I presented the book Treasure of Bali to Jafar Islah, a famous painter from Kuwait resides in Bali, who is also my long time friend, during the occasion of welcoming Mr.Abdlatif.



1 January 2008


As the new year of 2008 began, Museum Rudana was honored to welcomed our honored guests. Here  Putu Supadma Rudana MBA, escorted Presidential spokesperson Andi Malarangeng ( left ) and Minister of Cultural and Tourism Jero Wacik ( right ) during their visit to Museum Rudana  

Maestro Nyoman Gunarsa showed his sketch of Mr. Jero Wacik

…. then Mr. Andi Mallarangeng ( 2nd from left ) got his turn to be sketched by the maestro himself







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